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Portfolio Prep-

Group classes 

10-13 students  in the class 

8-week course



What to expect 

Students will have a new understanding of what the auditions entail. One of the main focuses is to give the children a sense of confidence when going into testing. The audition is in 3 parts. 

          1. Still life drawing 

          2. Writing portion (how to describe, compare and contrast 2 artworks.) 

          3. Creating a scene with crayons. (this is to assess children’s comprehension of perspective) 


Each part of the test is as important as the last. This class will help with their drawing, writing (learning how to describe a painting as well as learning art terminology), and understanding and developing sense of perspective. 


Supplies needed: 

  •  Drawing/sketch pad 

  •  Writing notebook 

  •  Pencils 

  •  Crayons 

  •  1hr time period per week

  •  Supply list from Rebecca 

  •  Tuesday evening 


First meeting with student entails assessing student’s past work= skill level.

This includes strong points, which we will develop further, as well as what is lacking- what needs to be developed.


Through the course of the sessions the Portfolio will include a variety of work mediums to show basic understanding. Following the assessment, multiple works will be created using student’s strong points.

Teacher- Rebecca R. has successfully guided many student to their acceptance into the acclaimed program at Mark Twain.  She is an accomplished artist, teacher at our school and coach.

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