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Art Classes for Teens & Adults

ZAW STUDIO LEAGUE Print Making Series

Ages 16 & up

Block Printing - Carve & print by hand using rubber, wood and lino blocks


Fabric Printing & Painting -Silk painting, fabric painting, silk screening, woodblock print, layer print, printing a photo or a design from the computer to silk screening. How to format print replication into a pattern design. Copy items from nature like leaves or coins and everyday items for creating and developing your unique designs


Oil Painting II & III

Concept, theory and technique using water soluble non-toxic oil paint. Ages 13 and up.

1 hr 30 min

Cartooning II

Focused course for aspiring cartoonists, illustrators and comic book artists. Starting with building characters with anatomical structure, students will learn how facial muscles show expression, inking with artists pens, perspective, lettering, comic page layout, coloring and all the tools necessary for graphic storytelling. Ages 13 and up.

1 hr

Drawing II

This observational drawing course uses up to date right brain techniques that help re-wire your brain so you can learn to see like an artist. Make the shift to right brain mode through contour line exercises, negative shape drawing and upside down drawing while using still-life drawing with graphite and charcoal to learn concepts like sighting proportions and angles, value, edge quality, shading techniques like hatching and cross-hatching, perspective and composition. Pre-requisite for Drawing III and Portrait Drawing. Ages 12 and up.

1 hr

Drawing III

This class for intermediate and advanced artists begins with an introduction to color theory, then explores important color media like colored pencils, pastels and watercolor. Students will then use these skills to create their own finished color drawings in their medium of choice. Minimum of one year of Drawing II and instructor recommendation required. Ages 13 and up.

1 hr

Portrait Drawing

From learning the structure of the human head to advances rendering tools and techniques, students will learn to draw recognizable portraits. This course teaches not only how to draw the features of the face but how to see placement and proportion accurately so you can get the likeness of your subject. Using graphite pencils of varying hardness, the subject is rendered from general structure to specific details using techniques that build on right brain techniques and shading and value concepts learned in still life drawing. Minimum of one year of Drawing II required, Ages 13 and up.

1 hr

Clay II

Continues the hand building techniques of Clay I but with more intricate forms and work on the wheel. Ages 10-Adult.

1 hr 30 min

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