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Art Classes for

Kids & Adults

Screen/Block Printing

​Create your own designs, transfer them to a silk screen or lino block and print them onto posters, bags and your own T shirts!


Perfect first art class for ages 5-6 years! Skills presented in a cumulative format using a wide variety of mediums.

1 hr 15 min

Acrylic I

Beginner painting class. Ages 6-7.

1 hr 30 min

Acrylic II

For beginner and intermediate students. Students will work independently and at their own pace with guidance of instructors. Ages 7.5-12.

1 hr 30 min

Acrylic III

Through an understanding of value, color and proportion, students will develop the tools needed as well as the confidence to advance as painters. Ages 10 and up.

1 hr 30 min

Drawing for Children

A drawing class for our youngest artists.  Students will explore color and geometric shapes to construct their drawings.

Ages 5-7

1hour 30 min

Drawing I

A structured class where value, composition, perspective, tone and contrast will be taught. Ages 8-11.

1 hr

Drawing II

A highly structured class for young teens and adults where value, composition, perspective, tone and contrast is refined.

Clay I

Introduction to clay. Students will focus on hand building techniques such as pinching, coiling and slab building. Ages 8-Adult.

1 hr 30 min

Clay for Little Hands

Hand building for young students- fun pinch pots, cute animals and creatures of all kinds!

For children ages 5-7

1hr 30 min


Students will learn how to draw maximum expression using minimum lines, how to express emotion using line width, and tell a story without words. Ages 9-12.

1 hr

Intro to Oil

A great way for young teens to begin the fabulous world of oil painting. In this class, hue, value, tone and proportion are explored

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