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Art Classes at  zelda's

Teaching Brooklyn to paint, draw & create, for over 30 years.


The art school at Zelda's Art World is one of the longest-running art instruction programs in Brooklyn, teaching art to children and adults for more than 30 years. Our courses are designed to accommodate artists of every age, from 3 to 103, beginner to advanced.


ZAW's talented instructors cover a large selection of disciplines.


Here you'll find art classes in:

• Oil Painting
• Acrylic Painting
• Drawing
• Cartooning

• Portraiture
• Clay Building
• Pottery
• Pre-School Art


We have always believed that artistic expression is vital to the success and happiness of every individual, whether art is to you a curiosity, your hobby, or your life. Art motivates, provides therapy, promotes independence, and inspires collaboration. Over the years we've seen the positive effect art education has on thousands of young children (and adults!), and it's the reason why we're still here.


ZAW wants to give our students something more than a finished painting.

Our goal is simple: to equip our students with real art knowledge and techniques, and give them the confidence to explore their creativity outside of the classroom.

So are you feeling creative yet? Come explore with us!



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